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 Wastewater Evaporators / waste water Evaporators

Wastewater Evaporators can be used to minimize wastewater streams from electroplating and other processes. Economical to operate, these wastewater evaporators can reduce the waste by removing the water content and increasing the concentration of remaining chemicals. The clean water discharge from the wastewater evaporator can be reused to close loop the process.  Or, the remaining chemicals can be reused in your process as well as the water. By reducing the amount of water in your waste, your can reduce the amount of waste of which you have to dispose.  ALL of the water evaporators in this site are designed to return the water to you for reuse; they do not evaporate to atmosphere. They are considered "zero discharge" as both the reclaimed concentrate and the water are reused.

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wastewater evaporator / waste water evaporator

These are closed-loop wastewater evaporators.  The water contained in your waste is returned to you clean, for re-use.  These wastewater evaporators are zero discharge to atmosphere - NO fumes or waste is exhausted into the air - a process of waste reduction that has been outlawed in many areas.


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