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Wastewater Evaporators water evaporator
WT HSR Double Effect Evaporator
Wastewater Evaporators water evaporator
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This is a WT 500 HS R double effect wastewater evaporator.  It is constructed of Titanium for compatibility with very aggressive waste streams. Heated by steam from an external boiler, this series water evaporator is available for water waste streams up to 500 liters (131 gallons) per hour.  A large discharge vale underneath is used to expel the paste-like still bottoms automatically.

The machine is constructed as a double-effect evaporator, constructed in a single unit.  This solution permits the reduction of the energy consumption with about 50% and also permits a simplified installation.  The machine uses steam as a heating source, to be supplied by the user.  The installed heating power is 175.000 kcal/h.  The condensation system is a vertical tube water-cooled condenser.

Both the first and the second effect are equipped with a specially designed scraper that permits a high concentration of the contaminants, avoiding the necessity of cleaning the heating surfaces manually.

The control instruments are selected with great care and include:

  • vibrating level control
  • maximum temperature thermostat
  • thermostat on the vacuum system
  • vacuum switch
  • amperage control and overload control on the motors


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