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Formeco: Distillation equipment manufacturer

wastewater evaporator manufacturerFORMECO has been producing solvent recovery systems, waste water treatment apparatus and acids recovery units since 1977, manufacturing in two production factories, located in Northern Italy (4000 sq. m indoor - 10000 sq. m outdoor); installing more than 28.000 machines throughout the world, FORMECO holds the worldwide leadership position on this field.

Common in all FORMECO units is quality, workmanship and dedication to total customer satisfaction. Each FORMECO machine is tested and tuned at the factory to give customers the ultimate performance and trouble-free operation.

FORMECO examines customers problems and simulates the recycling process with the customers waste by means of pilot test units. If the right plant is not included in the existing production line, FORMECO builds a specific apparatus for the customer.

FORMECO facilities include:

  • a chemical laboratory for analysis
  • an R. & D. design and project technical department
  • a complete range of pilot units for industrial testing


FORMECO provides : each unit with Conformity Certificates issued by the most important European Countries delivered with a detailed instruction booklet in customers language and the sureness of a full warranty.

wastewater evaporator manufacturerFORMECO offers : the assurance of a technical service network throughout the World ; a telephone line is at customers disposal with skilled technicians who speak your language.


Producing systems for the treatment of solvents, water and acid, FORMECO offers a complete solution to the industry pollution problems, contributing to the environmental protection.


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