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Wastewater evaporators

Formeco wastewater evaporators and water evaporators are available in many sizes and models.  Heat Pump wastewater evaporators (HP) are the most economical wastewater evaporators available.  Wastewater evaporators can also be heated with water (W) or steam (S).  For liquids that have the ability to settle or form a deposit (encrusting) onto the inside of the boiler, the option of an internal scraper (R) is used. Wastewater Evaporators with Forced Circulation (CF) use pump to circulate and spray the waste water during the evaporation cycle.  All our water evaporators are ZERO atmospheric discharge.
About wastewater evaporators water evaporator

About Wastewater Evaporators

A little information about wastewater evaporation equipment from Formeco.
Download PDF of wastewater evaporator equipment

Download General Water Evaporator Catalogue

A General Catalogue of wastewater evaporators and water evaporation equipment.  Acrobat Reader is  required.
Wastewater Evaporators

NEW Style Heat Pump wastewater Evaporator

See the newly re-designed Wastewater Evaporator available from Formeco.  These are compact, less expensive wastewater evaporators, available in three sizes from 63 to 100 gallons per day of evaporation.

Heat pump wastewater evaporators evaporation  equipment

Wastewater Evaporators with heat pumps.

Heat Pump water evaporators (HP) are the most economical wastewater evaporators available.  Utilizing refrigerant heat pumps, these evaporators use the compressed Freon for the heating source and the low pressure Freon to condense the vapors for condensation.
Natural circulation wastewater evaporators

Natural Circulation water evaporators

These wastewater evaporators can be heated with either hot water or steam.
Forced circulation wastewater evaporators

Forced Circulation water evaporators

Forced circulation wastewater evaporators use a pump for recirculation and spray of the waste water during the evaporation process.  Heated by hot water, steam, or a heat pump.  Single, double, and triple effect wastewater evaporators available.
crystallizer and wastewater evaporation equipment

CR Series Wastewater Evaporator

Evaporator and crystallizer, for regeneration of copper, brass, silver, zinc, cadmium plating, burnishing, pickling of sulfuric and sulfuric-nitric acid, salts of thermal treatment, pickling of copper printed matter, photo printing.
wastewater evaporators with scraper water evaporator

WT WSR Series Wastewater Evaporator

Evaporators with internal scraper, simple or double effect in the same body, for encrusting liquids.  Heating by means of steam or hot water.  Vacuum operating, water or air condensation.
wastewater evaporator made of titanium

WT HSR Titanium Wastewater Evaporator

Do you have a very aggressive nasty solution?  We've got a good, easy solution!  Double effect wastewater evaporator in the same body, with internal scraper, made of Titanium.  For wastewater evaporation up to 500 liters per hour.
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