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Wastewater Evaporators internal scraperWastewater Evaporators with Internal Scrapers:

In the Formeco HP-R series wastewater evaporators, the liquid to be treated is transferred through a heating jacket placed on the external part of the boiler, crossed by the Freon circuit. This allows a special scraper with metallic brushes to be placed inside the boiler of the wastewater evaporators to constantly mix the treatment liquid and simultaneously clean the boiler wall.

The inner scraper is more advantageous in comparison with the traditional immersed coil wastewater evaporator or forced circulation wastewater evaporators, for two main reasons:

Wastewater Evaporators scraper

  • it enhances the thermal exchange between the heating wall and the liquid in treatment,
    therefore providing a high concentration of the process residue
  • it avoids the build-up of incrustations inside the boiler  (for this reason this kind
    of unit can be called a “self-cleaning wastewater evaporator”)

Wastewater EvaporatorsThe same technology is also adopted for the HW/S-R series wastewater evaporators, which differ because they are fed by an external heating source (hot water or steam).  The Formeco HP-R and HW/S-R series wastewater evaporators are equipped with a safety switch connected with the inspection manhole that, if opened, stops the scraper immediately (if running).





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