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Internal Serpentine Heat Exchanger:

In the Formeco HP-S wastewater evaporators, the spacers of the immersed coil are made of plastic composite  instead of metal. This procedure has been adopted to avoid the possible damage caused by the rubbing of the coil on the spacer and the consequential electrolytic induced corrosion phenomena.

Wastewater Evaporator heating coils


Wastewater Evaporators synoptic board

Wastewater Evaporators control panel Dedicated process control pc board:

Formeco wastewater evaporators are equipped with a smart card with display for setting and controlling all plant functions. By means of three push buttons and a menu already programmed in different languages it is possible to gain access to different functions whilst displaying the process parameters. There is no need of external computers for changing the memorized process parameters. This easy access makes the wastewater evaporator extremely versatile

Synoptic Board:

The wastewater evaporator electrical box is equipped with an external synoptic panel for an immediate display of the evaporation process phase. It is possible to verify all evaporation process parameters by means of the dedicated pc-board display, the synoptic board allows an immediate visual check by means of warning lights placed in the graphic scheme.

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