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Another characteristic is the excellent accessibility to all components of the wastewater evaporator for any maintenance or replacement operations. The optimal layout of its components, in effect, makes any intervention on the machine very easy.

Wastewater Evaporators frame contruction

Wastewater Evaporators modular design Modular Layout

The modular layout of the Formeco wastewater evaporators allows the personalization of the standard structure according to a specific customer’s needs. For example: it is possible to direct the distillate unloading in a particular way, relocate the position of the dirty liquid inlet or the control board, etc.

Higher Frame Option

The wastewater evaporator can even be placed on a higher frame for the process residue unloading to allow the use of a bulk bag on a pallet. Wastewater Evaporators bottom valve

A Pneumatic bottom valve can also be used to expel waste into a drum when the higher frame is used.

Wastewater Evaporators high frame for drum

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