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wastewater evaporatorsHeat Pump Wastewater Evaporators with external heat exchanger:

An external heat exchanger allows for a heated surface and use of inner scraper.  The heating coils are welded to the outside of the wastewater evaporator chamber for heat transfer to the wastewater.  With the heating coils outside of the boiling chamber, a scraper can also be used when encrusting wastewater  is being evaporated.  When reclaiming an encrusting liquid the scraper rotates to keep the inside walls clean and insure maximum heat transfer.

External Heat Exchanger Heat Pump Wastewater  Evaporators:

  • versatile plant for almost any kind of product (excluded aggressive products)
  • the scraper supports the thermal exchange and the concentration of the residue and avoids encrustation on the heating surface
  • low energy consumption
  • good concentration of the process residue


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