Forced Circulation Evaporators
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forced circulation wastewater evaporatorForced circulation wastewater evaporators with external exchangers:

A tube bundle is used for heat transfer, and another tube bundle for condensing the distilled wastewater. A pump circulates the wastewater being evaporated through the heat exchanger and sprays it back into the evaporation chamber.  This spraying induces atomization which results in easier evaporation.


forced circulation wastewater evaporators



Forced Circulation Wastewater Evaporators:
  • big hourly production
  • low sensitivity to foam formation
  • Minimal space requirements
  • concentrations till 1,25 kg/liter of density
  • utilized for large daily quantities
  • suitable for concentrations till 20% of suspended solids
  • For a higher concentration, they can be combined with an auxiliary plant after the
    first treatment or equipped with an inner scraper
  • 80 - 500 liters per hour production


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